How it works

Learn how Capsule can help you capture every angle of your wedding.

Getting Started

Capsule was built to help you capture and share everything before, during, and after your big day! The process only takes a few minutes and was designed to be easy, stress-free, and fun!

  1. Select your package: Pick the package that best fits your wedding size. Don’t forget that even those who can’t attend your wedding can still be a part of it with Capsule!
  2. Create your capsule: Enter the details of your big day
  3. Invite your guests: Invite via Facebook or email address, and be sure to share your join code on your wedding website and printed materials (e.g. save-the-date, invitation, program, place cards, etc.)

That’s it. Have fun and enjoy!

Pre-Wedding Tips

Here are a few tips to get the the most out of your Capsule.

  1. Start your capsule EARLY! We recommend creating your Capsule up to 18 months before your wedding. Your Capsule is the perfect place for you and your guests to share and comment before your wedding – invite friends and family to upload pictures from your past, share your engagement photos, and get people excited. You can also start additional capsules for engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties!
  2. Spread the word: Be sure to post your join code and unique link on your wedding website. We also recommend including information about your Capsule and how to join/contribute with your save-the-dates, invitations, programs, and place cards. *(We’ve provided a few suggestions on messaging below)
  3. Download CapsuleCam: Make sure guests download CapsuleCam, our free app for Android and iPhone. If guests plan on using other digital devices to capture the wedding, don’t stress! Simply inform your guests that they can upload their photos and videos to your capsule at
  4. Import Photos from Instagram: Let Instagram-happy guests know that they can easily add their Instagram photos to Capsule by hashtagging your join code!

At the Wedding Tips

  1. Make Sure Guests Are Informed: Print information cards and table tents to inform your guests of your join code with instructions on how to download the app or upload photos to the website
  2. Say Cheese: Encourage your guests to take photos throughout the reception. The photo gallery updates in real-time!

Post-Wedding Tips

  1. Order Prints: Order prints, cards, and canvases of any of your Capsule photos. You can even customize orders to be sent as Thank You cards to your guests.
  2. Share to Your Favorite Networks: Share photos and videos directly from your Capsule to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Introducing Capsule to your Friends & Family

Spreading the word about your Capsule is important! Here are a few suggestions on how to tell your guests:

  • It’s all about the memories… help us capture them! Download CapsuleCam for iPhone or Android and use join code […] or visit[…] or use Instagram to add photos by hashtagging our join code […]
  • Help us capture all of the photos from our wedding! Download the CapsuleCam app, use join code […], and take lots of photos!
  • Please download the CapsuleCam app for your iPhone or Android device and use join code […] to help us capture all the memories of our wedding! All the photos taken with the app will be posted directly to our online album at or use Instagram to add photos by hashtagging our join code […]
  • We’d love your help in getting pictures from our wedding. Please download CapsuleCam for your iPhone or Android and use join code […]. All the photos your take with the app will be posted directly to our private online album at or use Instagram to add photos by hashtagging our join code […]