Answers to commonly asked questions about Capsule

What is Capsule?
Capsule is a tool that allows users to plan, share, and remember experiences with friends and family. Users can create a capsule for an event or a group and privately share messages, photos, and videos with the capsule members.

In short, Capsule is like an awesome event planning site that married an amazing multi-media scrapbooking and photo-sharing site. They named their baby Capsule.

When should I start a capsule?
Capsules are perfect for trips, weddings, parties, nights on the town, or any other event that requires inviting, planning, and communicating with people. They’re also great for private sharing and messaging with specific groups of friends and family.

Can I have multiple capsules?
Yep. Create as many as you want.

Are capsules private?
Yes! Only members of a capsule can see what you post and share – so get silly, get sentimental, or get racy.

Is Capsule a Social Network?
No, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Capsule was built for sharing, but only with select groups and in the context of a trip or event. There are no public posts or followers, and no one knows you’re on Capsule unless you share a capsule.

Why are “connections” on Capsule better than “friends” on other sites?
We all have “friends” on our social networks that we can’t quite place. You tilt your head to the side like a confused puppy trying to remember why you “friended” them in the first place. Capsule gives context to your connections through shared experiences. Confused puppy no more.

How do I start a new capsule?
Click on the “New Capsule” link at the top of the page, give your capsule a clever name, invite some friendly folks, and voila, you’re capsuling.

If your capsule is for an event, use our super-handy Optional Details to give everyone the skinny. Don’t forget to enable RSVP if you want a confirmed guest list, and enable group texting to keep everyone updated on the go.

What is RSVP?
RSVP is derived from a french phrase meaning, “So, you coming or what?” Enable RSVP for any capsule that requires a confirmed guest list. Capsule members will be prompted to reply with their attending status.

What can I do in a capsule?
What can’t you do is probably a better question. For one, capsules are private, so you can’t make a fool of yourself in front of the entire world by posting a picture of your nether regions. You can still make a fool of yourself, but the damage is limited to a select group.

What is Post via Email?
Each capsule gets it own unique email address, allowing people on the go (or lazy people) to post to a capsule directly from their email accounts. When you start a new capsule, be sure to save the address so you can quickly post any spur of the moment bits of genius right from your inbox. You can attach photos, too!

How do I post pictures?
There are currently three ways to post pictures to a capsule, but we’re not stopping there.

  1. You can use the attach button (paperclip icon) right from the main post box. This works best for single photos as support to your witty posts.
  2. You can upload photos from the main photo page by clicking the Photos stat in the title bar, or the “Add More Photos” button. This works best for multiple photo upload (Hold CTRL or CMD to select multiple files).
  3. You can attach photos to an email and send them to the capsule email address to have them magically posted.
  4. Download CapsuleCam! It’s our awesome mobile app and lets you post photos directly from your phone
  5. (Coming Soon) Importing photos from other sites – Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, etc

Why does it have my location next to my posts?
We’ve got some really cool location-based stuff coming, so for now we’re encouraging people to tag their posts and photos with location whenever possible. Remember, capsules are private, so you’re only sharing your location with the members of your capsules, not the whole world.

If that still seems creepy, you can always disable this feature by visiting the My Account page and toggling “Share Location” to “No”.

How do I see more photos?
You can click on any photo on the site and then use your arrow keys or the left/right navigation buttons to advance through photos. You can also navigate to a capsule’s photo page by clicking on the Photos stat in the title bar or by clicking on the ‘Add More Photos’ button. Don’t worry, it’s not weird to spend hours on this page looking at your friend’s pictures. They do it, too.

What is Pinning?
Pinning is an awesome, exclusive, and patent-pending feature of Capsule. Pin a post or a photo to create a permanent link to that piece of content. With pinning, you can make sure your favorite posts and photos don’t get lost in the ongoing stream of chatter. How cool is that?

Why is replying to a post on Capsule so cool?
Can’t put your finger on it? The reason is that replies on Capsule are just as dynamic as posts. You can comment on a post with a photo, or even a photo with a photo. If you comment on a photo with a photo and then reply to that comment with a photo, you’ve achieved what we affectionately refer to as “inception.” Enjoy, Leo did.

How do I embed a video in my post?
It’s so easy. Just copy and paste the link of whatever video you want to embed directly into your post. The system will automatically recognize it and generate an embedded version. Direct video uploading is coming soon too!

Why do some of my capsules say Members and others Attendees?
The “Member” stat in the title bar changes to “Attendees” when RSVP is enabled for a capsule. The full member info is still available in the drop down, or by clicking the stat itself, but this will give you a quick count of how many people like you enough to actually come to your party.

How do I know who is in a capsule or who has RSVP’d?
There are several ways to view the member list of a capsule. The first 25 members will always appear down the right-hand side of the main capsule page. You can also click on the “Members/Attendees” stat in the title bar, which will take you to the member list and invite page. Finally, there is a drop-down menu available just below the “Members/Attendees” stat that will show you all the members of a capsule, their contact info, and their RSVP status.

How do I know which capsules I share with someone?
You can click on a member’s name in any of your capsules to see their basic contact information and which capsules you share with them. Additional “profile” information beyond that is not available on Capsule. We actually respect your privacy – go figure.

How do I delete a photo?
The capsule creator or the photo uploader are the only users who can delete a photo. You can do so within the “photo album” tab of your capsule by mousing over the photo that you’d like to delete and using the widget in the upper right. You can also delete a photo by clicking to enlarge the photo and using the navigation options at the bottom.

Just remember, capsules are private so your crazy photos are safe 🙂

FAQ: CapsuleCam?

How do I start a new capsule?
Above the shutter there is a small bar that will either say “select a capsule” or the name of one of your previously made capsules. Touch the list and a new list will appear with a “+new” button.

What can I do with CapsuleCam?
CapsuleCam helps you interact with old or new Capsules. You can invite new members to a Capsule, send a group text, or post via e-mail. The main feature, as the name denotes, is the ability to take photos and instantly upload them into a Capsule.

How do I invite my friends from Facebook?
All you have to do is log in with Facebook, when you touch the “i” option for Androids or the “>” for iPhone to invite members will appear, click it, a new menu will appear, select invite from Facebook. Voila, all your buddies are ready to join your capsule.

How do I invite people to join my Capsule from CapsuleCam?
When selecting a capsule, touch the “i” option for Androids or the “>” for iPhone and an option to invite new members will appear, click it, a new menu will appear allowing you to invite from your phone’s contacts, Facebook, Capsule, or e-mail. Pick your poison.

Will Capsule post onto my Facebook without permission?
Never! We provide our users with the utmost respect to their privacy, and would never do anything without permission.

How do I take and upload a photo?
Select a capsule and snap a photo with the shutter button (button in the bottom center of camera mode), hit yes when asked if you wish to upload, and that is all there is to it

Can I upload a photo from my phone’s gallery?
Yes, you can. When in camera mode, if you look to the lower left half of the screen you will see 2 small frames, click them, select a photo, and upload it.

Where are all the other features of tryCapsule.com?
As of today, Jan 25, 2012, CapsuleCam allows you to invite members, send group text, post via e-mail, and upload photos. For the rest of the Capsule goodies, you’ll have to visit the full site 😉

Is CapsuleCam the ultimate solution in group photo sharing?
You can bet your sweet ass it is. No other platform provides users with such simplicity and efficiency. Without a doubt, the easiest way to share photos, plan events, and have a good time!

Where are the settings for this blasted thing?
Currently, the Android version has a small cog on the bottom right that when touched gives users the option to turn on/off camera flash or go to the help page.

The iPhone version does not have a settings button, however, the option to turn on/off flash and access the help page can be found atop the screen when in camera mode.

How do I enable/disable the camera flash?
For iPhone just hit the lightning bolt on the top left of the camera mode screen.

For Android just hit the settings cog and then hit the lightning bolt.

How do I use the front-facing camera?
Front facing is currently only available for the iPhone. Hit the camera on the top right of the screen to switch to your front facing. Android support coming soon!

Still have questions?
Feel free to contact us via e-mail, get satisfaction, or app support. We love providing assistance to our user in their time of need (^_^)